Candidate Comparison



Will provide open/honest government

Government for the special interests

  Small campaign donations - no strings attached

  No contributions from special interests or lobbyists

  Publicly disclosed contributions

  Fiscally responsible and ethical campaign

  Pledges to avoid even the appearance of corruption, conflict, or “pay for play”

  Campaign donations - strings attached

  Major funding from Duke Power, Realtors & Developers, Koch Industries, energy corps, health insurance corps, communications companies, banks, lobbyists

  Second worst disclosure rate among 2016 NC candidates

  Unethical - $19,000 of campaign donations spent on his clothing/shoes & thousands more on out-of-state travel/meals

  Published positions on issues

  Hidden positions on issues

  Failed the 2016 & 2018“Political Courage Test” by failing to provide voters with his positions

  Supports free/fair elections

  Cosponsored a bill to limit voting by requiring photo IDs, repeal same-day elections registration, reduce early voting, increase campaign contribution limits

  Voted to redraw congressional districts. Later deemed unconstitutional gerrymandering.

  Pledges to hold four Town Halls per year

  Listens to the people of Lincoln County

  Avoids holding town halls

  Did not show up for the candidate debate or the republican primary debate

  Commits to increase visibility and

  accountability into Charter Schools

  Votes on regulation of Charter schools and sits on Board of West Lake Preparatory Academy. They submitted their application to the NC legislature, he received $3,000 from Charter Schools USA and $4,000 from their lobbying firm.  The contract is worth millions. Is this ethical?

Support for the People

Support for Special Interests

  Improved Healthcare

  Supports expanded healthcare for ALL. Studies have shown this will SAVE $

  Led Efforts to REDUCE Healthcare

  Cosponsored a bill to prevent Medicaid expansion - caused 600,000 NC citizens to be unable to afford insurance and care.

  Voted to remove health insurance for pre-existing conditions

  Supports Public Education

  Increasing school funding and teacher pay. The students are our state’s future

  Declining education – NC education ranking has fallen from 19th to 40th during his time in office.

  NC teachers are paid $10,000 less than the national average.

  Supports living wage, back to work training programs, and strong safety net

  Opposes increasing the minimum wage

  Voted to decrease the duration and amount of Unemployment Benefits after personally receiving them for 52 weeks

  Supports civil liberties and civil rights Endorsed by Equality NC

  NC ACLU rating of 0-17%

  Supported none of their legislative positions

Protecting the People

Protecting the Special Interests, NOT the People

  Supports clean water & air, renewable energy, and environmental protections

  Lake Norman drinking water pollution problems need to be addressed

  0% score from Environment North Carolina

  Voted to authorize offshore drilling and to repeal the moratorium on fracking

  Voted to limit solar energy in NC

  Major campaign contributions from Duke Energy and Koch Industries

  Supports 2nd Amendment and sensible gun laws

  Safe schools and neighborhoods

  Voted to allow concealed handguns at church services, parades & funerals

  No support for “gun sense” laws

Government for the Community

Government for the Special Interests

  Opposed to private toll roads

  State/federal government should fund common infrastructure

  Voted to keep I-77 tolls contract

  Developers in Lincoln County must support infrastructure improvements to gain support

   Has received political contributions from developers

   Has he ensured that they improve our local infrastructure?